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Apr 11, 2018
when you turn of /fly then go to fly again it auto puts fly back on
when you turn /speed back to 1 it sometimes does not work

able to buy stuff with xp on the shop

if the mines are going u sould make diamond out of the cobble gen like 15% or 10%

also make it so when u turn mobs and kind mobs of on your island make it so they can spawn out of spawners or inless you buy them or inless for chickens frow eggs and chickens will spawn

when you do /feed it fills your hunger but then gos down really quick can we like stop that happening

I think we sould have /fix to fix are gear

a pvp zone so a place where you can pvp but if u are hit u can not do /spawn for 10 seconds cos your in combat and if u kill a player u get there gear and u get money for killing players then make a pvp crate and a pvp crate key and when you kill somone u get a pvp crate key

allso when u get a vote crate u sould put the other crate keys in there for like the rarer they are lest chance of getting it

{Joke} make a rank for £3k and the perks you get is OP


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Apr 13, 2018
I think these are great suggestions, especially #2. I think there should be more levels to the Cobble gen that we can unlock (Like V, Vi, Vii etc) with the rates increasing each time. Maybe not make it too OP* but I think 5% for diamond is a bit low for the current max.
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Apr 16, 2018
  1. What type of stuff would you expect to buy with XP? I mean you technically purchase enchantments on an item through enchanting table, combine enchantments on items, or repair through the anvils. So there is a use for it. Just curious what type of things you are looking to see purchasable?

  2. I disagree and think that 5% is enough. If the value is set too high it will become OP and need to be nerfed, as spawners and other things in past have. I average a stack of diamonds as is doing the cobble stone quest. I can see adding Lapis Luzuli and Redstone maybe in other tiers, but if this becomes to OP then the hard work done to make the mines for us was pointless unless they get re-purposed. Kinda like the old market system.

  3. I can agree it does get annoying when mobs don't spawn in the farm but outside it but that is just as much a design flaw and player fault for not lighting up isle. Properly lighted up, it is not possible for hostile mobs to spawn. So the only ones that this would apply to is the non hostile animals

  4. I do agree that the /feed command wears off fast, and really does nothing to heal you (1.5 hearts per use. Perhaps if possible adjust it so it acts like eating steak? fills 2 hearts per use, and takes 3 off hunger meter? I think that completely filling anything other than the hunger bar would make it too OP and possibly abusable in PVP settings.

  5. I believe /fix is already in the plans to be added to a rank, but Zenith would have to confirm this. I know the idea was going to be added , just not sure how or when.

  6. I can see getting a reward / money of some type for PVP, but not their gear, this would make it possible for older players to kill off newer ones way too easily and become to OP destroying the PVP system all together. I would suggest that there be an earnable/ purchasable PVP kit to keep the playing field more level.

  7. The current voting crate while it doesn't have a lot in it, does have a good mix and similar items to some of the other crates. I guess rather than crate keys, I would look more at a specific item to be added, not a series of them. There needs to be a balance kept. Voting crates are easy to get and take very little effort. Therefore I don't see why they need to be so OP.

    Just my 2 cents...